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  • ok...ive decided. Im picking up a 109 block from an 87 grand national. has heads, crank and cam...where do i start? lol
    hey bro, i was wondering if the 3.8 block from a pre grand national can be built up like the grand national motor if i change the intake and all the other stuff
    hey bro, i got a few questions. im looking at picking up a gn block. it comes with the block, heads, cam, pistons, crank, and timing chain set. im buying an intake and fuel rail from another member. might sound like a dumb question, but what all else do i need???
    I got a 2.0 I bought new in 2002 from kirbans...used it in a 87 gn...i'll do $150 shipped. The wire is 3' long. 2' is in the gray jacket then the last 1' is the three individual insulated conductors. The last time I used it was march 06 and it worked perfect.
    That sounds like a plan. Call me at (843) 408-1376 and we can get together or whatever...........Audie
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