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Aug 14, 2017 at 11:03 AM
Nov 11, 2002
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North Carolina
Environmental Engineer

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Hot Air

E85 and S.E./Carolinas Moderator, Male, from North Carolina

Staff Member

Getting ready to go Pro-Tour BIG time! Jun 7, 2013

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Aug 14, 2017 at 11:03 AM
    1. drturbo69
      My turbo is 70 mm p series 4 bolt to ATR header turbonetics .81 4" v band ext. gate.Old school
    2. Tom Chipperfield
      Tom Chipperfield
      Hot Air ... just registered ... help out a Savannian ... my full name shows up online, want my nickname only to show up on the web site ... how do I change??

    3. 1NASTYGN
      What spark plug and Gap are you running on your car? I also have aluminum street eliminator heads and will be going full e85 on #80 injectors.
    4. brent lovett
      brent lovett
      I'm in the charlotte area and trying to find other buick guys close. I'm also building my car for pro touring/autocross set up. detroit speed front suspension and steering already installed and just got the rear kit yesterday. looking to talk buick and maybe do some cruising. Shoot me a message, email or text whenever you have some time. or 7042649461
    5. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      Getting ready to go Pro-Tour BIG time!
    6. dontaye jefferson
      dontaye jefferson
      hey can you call me please 256 337-0647
    7. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      E85 and Carolinas Moderator
    8. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      Is is just a 6!
      1. Hot Air
        Hot Air
        Feb 13, 2013
    9. jasjamz
      Can you please lock my Thread "e85... not so bad on the fuel system". I want to see the last post by turbocliff to stay that way.
    10. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      I have the same problem...getting sideways at 75 mph is not for the weak! Jack does too good a job at building power!! My problem is getting the power to the ground on the street. Are you running M/T Drag Radials on highway?
    11. Phoneguy
      Conrad, the engine runs awesome! Cotton did some tuning and it will damn near turn sideways at 75 mph on the highway. The "rattle" under boost is yet to be determined but I may have lifted a head. Will do a leak down as soon as I can find a tester.
    12. jaysbuick1985
      hello my name is john and i have an 1985 buick t-type that i am restoring if anybody has as answer they could give about performances wises or anything that will help me just let me know thank you
    13. turboclif
      Haven't ran against any of these new cars yet going to ATCO friday maybe that will help calm me. Thanks. I guess I was havein a case of the beatdown blues. lol
    14. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      Wait for the 109. It will be worth the wait!
    15. turboclif
      I have a 87 regal has v8 in it. I also have a complete running hot air setup with ecm and harness. I also have 109 bored 30ovr trw forgpistns steel main caps 87intake complete wire harness ecm ,pullies 65ers pt6152 turbo waiting to assemble. Im just getting tired of waiting should I just drop N hot air and go or wait for the 109 beast.
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  • About

    North Carolina
    Environmental Engineer
    My car(s):
    1984 GN - original owner
    1974 Z28 Camaro, 4-speed, A/C - original owner
    2000 Ford Lightning F150 truck - 2nd owner
    2009.5 Pontiac G8 GXP , 6-speed manual - 2nd owner.
    Converted my hot air to I/C all by myself. Took a while but I did it w/o a parts car to go by. WOW!


    Original owner 1984 GN
    RPE/Cotton engine w/girdle & Diamond pistons (11/09)
    Turbonetic 66-S-BB-.81 exh 4-bolt exh hsg w/RG-45 WG
    Champion (Aluminum heads/Race Intake/Fuel Rail), 4" cold air, Kenne Bell 70mm TB
    Comp Cam Hydraulic Roller #218/212, Scorpion 1.65 RR
    TA SS 4-bolt hdrs, Cotton 3.5" SS DP/single exh
    Random 3.5" 141-35000 SHF Metal Cat, Welded Ultraflow 17224
    Baer 6P+ 14" front/13" rear brakes
    Front Suspension: Ridetech TruTurn front arms w/3-way adjustable coil-overs & 1.5" MuscleBar
    Rear Suspension: DSE QuadraLink control arms/1.125" sway bar, Ridetech 3-way adj coil-overs
    Eaton Truetrac torque-sensing differential, 30 spline Moser axles, brg supt/cover, ARP studs
    2007 Vette wheels (18x8.5Jx56 w/1.5" spacer, MPSS 275/35R18 in front & 19x10Jx79 w/2.5" spacer, MPS 295/30-10 in rear) w/shaved frame and GNX front fender extender/wheel well patch panel,
    CAS (V-1 FMIC/St. Al. radiator)
    Rick's SS Stealth fuel tank w/Eliminator in-tank pump, -10 feed, -8 return, II Much billet fuel vent
    FAST 2.01 XFI (fuel constant for E85)/Touch Screen, 120 lb injectors
    GNX Dash, Autometer 2 Channel I/C Air Temp
    9" ProTorque non-LU 3,500 stall, DRW Al Trans Pan w/700R filter
    VFN carbon fiber hood, front & rear fiberglass bumpers w/original aluminum support
    E85 (GM Flex Fuel Sensor connected to FAST & plumbed into -8 return line).