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  • Regarding the stage 2 piece covers. I tried to send and email to you and it was deliverable ? conraad0320@gmail.com I cut and pasted from the email you had asking who had bought them. Thanks awkendal@swbell.net
    Hot Air ... just registered ... help out a Savannian ... my full name shows up online, want my nickname only to show up on the web site ... how do I change??

    What spark plug and Gap are you running on your car? I also have aluminum street eliminator heads and will be going full e85 on #80 injectors.
    I'm in the charlotte area and trying to find other buick guys close. I'm also building my car for pro touring/autocross set up. detroit speed front suspension and steering already installed and just got the rear kit yesterday. looking to talk buick and maybe do some cruising. Shoot me a message, email or text whenever you have some time.
    blovett@southernshadetree.com or 7042649461
    Can you please lock my Thread "e85... not so bad on the fuel system". I want to see the last post by turbocliff to stay that way.
    I have the same problem...getting sideways at 75 mph is not for the weak! Jack does too good a job at building power!! My problem is getting the power to the ground on the street. Are you running M/T Drag Radials on highway?
    Conrad, the engine runs awesome! Cotton did some tuning and it will damn near turn sideways at 75 mph on the highway. The "rattle" under boost is yet to be determined but I may have lifted a head. Will do a leak down as soon as I can find a tester.
    hello my name is john and i have an 1985 buick t-type that i am restoring if anybody has as answer they could give about performances wises or anything that will help me just let me know thank you
    Haven't ran against any of these new cars yet going to ATCO friday maybe that will help calm me. Thanks. I guess I was havein a case of the beatdown blues. lol
    I have a 87 regal has v8 in it. I also have a complete running hot air setup with ecm and harness. I also have 109 bored 30ovr trw forgpistns steel main caps 87intake complete wire harness ecm ,pullies 65ers pt6152 turbo waiting to assemble. Im just getting tired of waiting should I just drop N hot air and go or wait for the 109 beast.
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