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  • Followed your response on the E-85 conversion. I live near Lafayette In. Do you do that kind of think for a living or on the side? I can easily handle the swap, but would love to have some help tuning. I could come to you! Let me know.

    Hey Jason, I thought I had my knock problem sorted out by tightening my trans cross member up. Did not fix it. I went over the entire car looking for loose bolts and the usual false knock causes. I have had it with this car! Out of frustration, I bypassed the sensor. For two weeks now and a lot of beatings, this thing is still together and runs awesome. I'm at 25psi now with 70%idc, and my fueling with the 6.1 chip is on the money. The blms are 128+- 3 through out and entire run starting from 1st gear. Plugs always look good so I guess I will drive it like this and hope I never need the retard function. I'm not sure what else to do at this point. This car is making some serious power now and I'm crossing my fingers it will stay together. Thanks for checking in Jason. Dave
    I have bigger fuel pump,maf translator,scanmaster,3" downpipe,te49 turbo,headers,36# injectors,209 cam,ported heads and manifold,shift kit..i recently raced a 03 cobra with exhaust,intake,pulley from a roll and took me by half a car,i know I should be running beteer any advice
    Hey hon.. power tour is coming up quick ! Whoooo hooo ! Do you have your trip mapped out yet ? Wondering where to meet up with ya.. coming through or close to STL ?? Worst case scenario we can meet in DuQuoin.
    My holiday was good, lots of traveling... went out to see some close friends in Wichita, KS. Since Jan 1st my car has been getting a lot done... I found a stock refurb, i-pod jack radio on eBay for $66 !! Put the seat covers on, the sterring column is being rebuilt, new upper door panels and pull straps, new seat belts, rolling my wheel wells a bit more, shaving down antenna and truck lock, a tune up.. and a whole lot of polishing under the hood. Mostly all cosmetic stuff.. getting ready for the Power Tour ! Heated parking..at work.. thats really nice. I'd be too scared someone would try and steal it. Are you going to go on the tour this year ?? I think its the first week in June. Well, hope you're having a good week. -- Kristina
    Hi. I got some info... was waiting til after Thanksgiving to bother him again. I will check with him this week. I really really want copies of his restore pics. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. :)
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