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  • chalo, are you still wanting inj and chip, please let me know, pay pal is timpool4@comcast.net thanks, rob
    Work on getting more boost and keep the 02's at .800 the whole run. 18psi should be a good number to shoot for. Set the timing at 20* in first and 2nd. 18* in third. Add WOT fuel of 10% Parameter 1 and remove 10% in first gear Parameter 2. Run the rear tires at like 22-25 psi.
    Im running 15psi I have the tt street chip no alky or race fuel...he barely beat me I dont have tires so didnt hook really good..those cobras are beast though with pulley and bolt ons
    How much boost are you running? Which chip and do you have alky or race fuel in the car. I have a friend with a cobra that I he'll him work on so I've learned a lot about them.
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