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  • Hello. Do you still rent the HR Parts bushing removal tool? I also would appreciate the instructions on how to use it.
    Thanks for the response! I'm not looking for mechanical help, per se. I just need advice on what to fix and in what order. Annoying request, I know, lol. I'm off until Sat. so if you feel like meeting up, I'll drive to wherever. Thanks for your time.
    Hey man! I'm in Webster Groves which isn't too far from you. If you want to help a noob and meet up to take a look at my T please let me know! She's got issues and I'm not sure where to start. If not, I understand. Thanks, Joe
    If you are looking for a good stage 2 this would be the one, do to circumstances, this car has only had about 4,000 miles sense purchased in 2000. Engine is pro built by DLS. Call me for price 765-664-3412
    Did you get your engine running right on Saturday? Was it the EGR causing the knocking noise?
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    phone guy it seems as if you have a killer engine combo i am having an engine built soon like yours from the same guy is that a solid roller you have?what are your times with that combo?that turbo you have what is the same one in a precisin turbo series?
    hey whats up this is Steven from Cape albeon, i cant seem to find your email adress you gave me. But when you get time send me some pics of the powder coated parts and some of the Bad Ass GN,
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