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    What's parked next to your TB in the garage?

    The GN is my dad's but, I am the original owner of a 1995 Firebird Formula M6 with 68xxx miles.
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    Power Master to Vacuum Conversion Done.

    Very nice. Did you buy it as a kit or piece it together yourself?
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    Kirban Radiator Core Support Bushing/Bolt Kit Install

    Took the STOCK ones off my dads car a couple weeks ago. Here's a pic. Hope it helps.
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    New from Delaware

    You wouldn't happen to be friends with Matt W***er would you?
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    New from Delaware

    You are like 5 minutes down the road from me. I live in magnolia. Hope to meet up someday and you can share some of your knowledge on these cars. I am still learning.
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    New from Delaware

    @SPOOLFOOL2 Thanks for the welcome, even though you called my dad's beautiful GN ugly. Lol its all good. I have thick skin and a good sense of humor. Seriously tho the car honestly is not as bad as it looks. Considering years of neglect. The body is straight as an arrow and other than surface...
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    New from Delaware

    Hello all. My name is Marc and the car is my dad's 86 GN. Long story kinda short is, unlike me my dad is really not a "car guy". In 1991 my dad happened to see a GN driving down the road. He didn't know what it was but he liked it. So after about 6 months of looking he found a really nice one...
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