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  • What are those seats from? I like the front and rear seats. I'm afraid you're going to say they required fabrication to install. They look really nice. I've been thinking about doing F-Body seats for the front in the Lear Siegler materials.
    Hey Scott and I are hitting the Drag strip on Oct. 19th for the last day of weds. night drags. Come out if you can, and invite any other GN or TR that you want to :)
    Damn, to bad. As big as vegas is you think someone would have a decent shop. Thanks for the help, Id love to get some stuff done but I want it done right, you know?
    i wouldnt really recommend anyone out here. i have a few friends that can help you with basic GN stuff. and then there is scott atk... he knows hes ****. pm me your number and ill give you hes. good guy and he can do pretty much anything. but no good shops!
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