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  • That is the correct model. My Dad had a wheel brochure from '88 or so from Enkei. I used that brochure as a guide for what would look good on the car (and what would have been available at the time they were new.) I searched Ebay relentlessly until I had a full set. I spent a fortune getting the hard anodizing removed and getting the wheels polished. It was worth it..then the douchebags at Les Schwab destroyed the lips putting tires on. Oh well...nothing is easy.
    Try a local used wheel and tire store. Wrecking yards, Craigslist, Ebay..all are good sources for the long discontinued wheels. Send me your email address and I'll be happy to send some photos. BTW, some were gold in the center, I just painted them black...-Steve

    I see in your signature that your car has Enkei 62s. If that is the correct model, I've been looking for a set for years. Could you send me some pix of the wheels and tell me where yu got them?

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