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  • We should trace contact info as I was serious about looking at the car (hopefully) while I'm in Boston & CT this week.

    Flying in to Boston on Tuesday, Wed to CT; Thursday day open, then flying home Thursday eve.

    I cover the eastern US for a technology company, so must see a customer or two, but my TR addiction comes in a clsoe second.
    I'd really like pics. If you are going to post them on the board, fine, but if not, could you e mail them to hyboost62@yahoo.com? Thanks.
    Hi Ed,
    I got the m.o. today. It looks like monday afternoon might be the best day to pick up the car just got so much going on for xmas, but if i can do it early tomorrow or later on sunday i will let you know. Thanks ,Dave
    I am in the need of all the linkage that runs from the steering column to the transmission. *I believe it is the neutral safety. *I need all of the pieces to include the shifter bracket on the side of the trans. *Would you happen to have all of that, to include at the hardware that come with it?
    It's saturday thought I would just touch base on those TTop part W/S rails and center ridge not to rush, just following directions Pic if possible and all the nuts bolts and screws just let me know on condition.

    On a second note found a Tech section from GM on directions for body bushing replacement, if interested let me know can email or post it here

    notice in your gallery, did they paint over you chrome bumpers or did you get fiberglass replacements? been debating to paint or not to paint like both results thought about get second set of bumpers Thank you for your time and consideration
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