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    Toys for tots car, I’m back!

    If you remember the 2007 toys for tots giveaway car and wondered where it is now, well here she is! Happy to have another TR! I’ll see everyone in Bowling Green
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    Hey guys , I’m converting my 1986 Grand Prix to a Buick console and shifter. The Pontiac console is literally falling apart and breaking each time I move or touch it. I need EVERYTHING but the console and cover plate. 1)I could use a nice cover plate inlay. 2) Buick floor shifter 3)my plate is...
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    Fraud warning

    Fraud warning. Avoid Eleanor Dela Pena out of California. Sold him a GPS tracker and a concert sound 2 speaker kit. Disputed the GPS...IM OUT $299 on my credit card company. Address and other info here. Beware vendors.
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    Thanks ! And I hope all is well.

    Thanks ! And I hope all is well.
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    Adding Amp to Factory Radio

    Call me after Christmas if you wish, and I'll be glad to help. Carrtunz 9-5 m-f est. 912.225.0591
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    Turn Signal

    I think you have to twist it slightly before pulling? It's been years since I've done it.
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    Free Xm radio through Thanksgiving. Enjoy!
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    Hi low converter suggestions

    I recommend PAC....I love Audiocontrol...but they are having quality issues imho...noise, engine wine, etc...alot lately...just had to pull the Audiocontrol sloc out of my wife's Escalade last Saturday...noise, poor sound quality and popping.
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    83 Regal with 87 drivetrain $4700

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    Wiring harness information?

    Pink is ign+ Black - Grey illumination + Green is temp Blue is oil Tan/white is fuel Lt grn is high beam Lt blue is turn indicator (l or r?) Dk blue is other turn indicator Tan is brake (I think) Off the top of my head....I can get you a schematic Monday. Also check gnttype dot org for...
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    Fuse blowing 20 amp clock cig circuit. 1987 GN

    Oh yeah...power ant relay... between glove box and pass side of dash
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    Fuse blowing 20 amp clock cig circuit. 1987 GN

    Most common causes; 1) new headliner? Wires screwed into on driver's sunvisor. 2) hood,trunk, or done light short. 3) door lock relay (behind pcm in passenger kick) 4) horn, or harness 5) radio memory Check those off the top of my head. Hth
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    LS turbo project..