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Nov 4, 2005
I’ve been slacking big time! CARRTUNZ will accept new orders soon as possible.
min my 36 years of car audio, I’ve never not been able to buy products/inventory.
no new radios since November 2020!
im happy to say that Pioneer is slowly shipping again.
also, we are working on manufacturing our own mounting kits and hardware as most manufacturers are not supporting our older cars.
we have had fraud on our Square store website,
but I’ll reopen when inventory is back.
any suggestions on products?
anti theft?
also im going to restart my YouTube channel and film electrical technical vids.
next vid is battery drain test how to…
what should I do next?
lighting diagnosis?

I'd be interested in upgrades that fit in the factory locations with no/light modification. Factory stereo with bluetooth would be nice. A subwoofer would be nice to put in there too. Maybe offer a kit?
I have the Retro Sound unit in my 84 Blazer and it's actually pretty nice. Only problem I see is the chrome trim bits are a little too "polished". They need the brushed look.
a trunk kit for different arrays of amps and speakers?
i'm still sporting a for ten inch free air board.
sounds great but i've seen some different setups in g bodies that are awesome
I really need some speaker options for the dash and especially the door. I've been waiting six months for you to have something in a complete kit, and last I checked you still don't have a whole thing but the most important to me in priority order is the doors, as pretty soon (i.e., within the next month) I'll be tackling the window rattle issue, and I want to do everything doors. I'd like to get the dash speakers next as then I can be done in the interior. The rears are easy to get to so I could take them any time. Do you have any recommendations for me for speakers that I can get soon in this priority order? I have the stock bose concert sound now, and have had the radio refurbed (to include adding mp3) so I'm thinking nice stock replacement.