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  • Bob, I have a 2.0 Scanmaster I've had for a long time and it is acting up. When the weather is cold or extremely hot, as it is now, when I start the car it goes to nothing but dots across the readout. Sometimes I can turn the car off and start it again and it will work properly. It first started doing it back in the winter and now it's doing it when real hot. Do you think that is something that can be fixed or do I need a new one? I checked all the connections and they are good. Also, the maf is showing a real high number. Which is wrong!

    Hi Bob,my camino is a pig out of the hole. I have 252 ,race ported steel irons,2 fuel pumps,Razor alky, with67 turbo,65inj,218-212 roller,1.6 roller rockers,70mm tb and KB doghouse,its supposed to be a 3200 but seems to b a 2800,342-girdle and axles,3in dauls,strech intercooler,6.0 PL,scanmaster upgrade. Can you take a look at my run on PL? And where can I send it to?Also have 2 vidios
    Hey Bob,

    I'm writing from Kandahar AB Afghanistan (doing bad things to bad people). I'll be back in June and am still looking for a Turbo Buick after I return. Things have been ridiculously hectic but I can always count on my 94 Camaro running like a damned banshee after converting to your LTCC. If you know of a good one in the neighborhood of 10-12K, let me know. I'm back stateside in June.

    Smart Bombs and 30MM = bad for taliban.
    I understand that you have a single eshaust with 3 mufflers? Got any pics?
    Hey bob,

    It's michael from shreveport - I just installed the LTCC in my 94 camaro - still loving it!!! I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the GN that you said you knew the guy. The one in virginia owned by steve V. If you could maybe let him know that I am a car guy and I'm very interested in his car. it may be a month before I can get there but if it's still there - i think I'm going to join your ranks.


    I am writing for you from finland.
    I have 3 turbo buicks and i have used powerlogger for them.
    Is it possible to get update with european measurments?


    hello i'm considering this truck but no idea of its condition, it will be cool if u could check it out for me (you get a bird dog fee if i buy it), i'm from NJ thanks , Carmelo (856) 426-9607
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