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  • need zip code, money order or paypal. Mturbobuick87@aol.com
    Michael Achimasi 1402 goodyear blvd akron, oh 44305
    remember me, i had the 6265 you didnt buy awhile back, i know your always lookin to upgrade and now have a ton of high end new and barely used performance parts to sell if u need stuff let me know, thanks rob
    Thanks for the offer Tom, but I moved from Pa to the Jersey shore and forgot to change it in my profile. Although the car is in Milford, I don't really get there very often--unless--maybe we can set something up? It's like a 3 1/2 hr ride from where I am right now! Let me know if you'd want to set something up one day!! Also my e-mail is tonyrodz692011@yahoo.com. Thx again for the offer!! Tony
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