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  • Hello my friend is your Buick still for sale? I'm 30 minutes north of Cincinnati and would be interested if you still have it
    Thank you
    Hey John, Happy New Years to you and Mrs. Rita. Are yall freezing like popsicles up there? Do you still have the 3.5" TH downpipe? If I remember correctly u said it required cutting the inner fender well. I am interested in buying it if the price is right. Thanks, Preston
    John, I sent you another offer on the engine. If I have to buy at full price and take exhaust manifolds, I will.
    Hi John, I sent you the 425 thru paypal. The name came back as Rita Lubinski on the account. Please call me at 702-325-0438 if there is any issues.
    How long do you think until they ship? Sorry if I seem like im rushing, my heads are ready to bolt on and im excited :)
    Thanks again, Henry
    Hi John, hope this goes through i have posted twice with no luck, can you send me a pic of the part and your paypal address? my address is
    wemerick@indy.rr.com, also do you have any good front seats? color doesn't matter. also maybe power steering parts, gear box for the end
    of the steering column and the power steering pump and maybe the brackets, does the alternator hook to the power steering pump bracket?
    I was wondering if the tubing on that test pipe is stainless. That's what I'm looking for. If it is, please advise the length of it.

    Hey i was just seeing if you still had turbo buicks for sale. If so would like to chat with you about the for a min. My number is 806-584-5659 thanks James
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