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  • Can I ask how do I upload some more pics on my car for sale, it's telling me only 10 pics per thread? Thanks
    Sorry, I'm a rookie. Am I allowed to post an ad for a GNX for sale? If yes, how do I do it? Also, how do I post pictures, too?
    Hi Joe, I have some non-Buick Gbody questions in general. I have an 86 El Camino and want to do an engine swap. I was wondering if I can legally swap in a truck engine ? I ask because the El Camino is in that gray area where its a car but registered as a "truck". Only reason would be to open up a few more options and to bigger engines lol.
    Hi Joe, Ray in Fresno. I want to continue registration an out-of-state WRX. Should I complete a Statement of Facts (DMV web) & explain in G that I want it registered but too far/cumbersome to bring back to CA, it will not be operated within CA next few years, & send the form in with payment. Is that correct, or ? BTW, you R&R'ing in Hawaii? Good for you.
    Hi Joe:
    Yikes, first time failed smog! I'm informed allowable values are reduced & we compared it to my '08 report. '08 max HC was 110 @ 15mph & 85 @ 25mph; I tested 23 & 10. '08 CO max was .71 & .59 & I tested .01 & .16. But today max HC is 77 & 69, but I tested high @ 85 & 69. CO max now is .50 & .41, but I tested .67 & .69. Those so far off I'm wondering what happened! My C02 is 14.8 & 14.7, 02 is 0 & 0; My NO is 373 @ 15mph & 54 @ 25mph.
    A few months ago had car down to Lou's in LA & he performance-tuned it using my ScanMaster & driving around, but last night I changed chip for one ought to pass (I don't know if that way of tuning changes the reg. street chip or not, so replaced chip & reduced FP to 37 lbs).
    I am terrible at the electronics end of these cars ('87 GN) but think it must be the tune. Unfortunately there are no Fresno shops specializing these type cars. Dearly need your kind input as what happening here & direction to fix it. Thanks......Ray.
    Hay Joe:

    Was cool meeting you at Turlock...wow! you work for BAR & still a regular guy! It's great knowing other car guys, almost instant friendship & can go on yakking forever.
    I found some stuff to drag home, hope you had luck & fun.
    I'll give you a call next time I pull the GN up to Sacto.
    Hello Joe :)

    Just discovered this message feature on the TB.com software and thought I'd send my first message to you.

    Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and in gereral, best regards from Lee burough :cool:
    hey Joe , this is Jesse. I made a new username (Jesse_) because i forgot my passord again. i sent u a text on your phone ... would u change my password to ...
    Jesse12345 on my orginal account. thx bro
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