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  • Please just stop while you're a mile behind. You came in the thread offering nothing to the OP's post, then you ejaculate your misunderstanding of AF/R conversions and get on my case. You're just regurgitating AF/R that others post and tell you, I actually research and find what ENGINEERS and those in the racing world recommend.

    The chart I posted was proof enough, then take into account it's actually for NA cars, meaning we need to run even FATTER than the posted range for E85. Then OP is talking about E95 which needs even more than that on the GAS SCALE and ETHANOL SCALE. Ya, there are two that convert to each other.

    If you notice, not ONE post backed up your rant, and you're still all over my case when you started with your ignorance. My post was intended to help the OP, yours was to start ****, and you still are.
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