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  • I am looking to put tires and wheels on this car in the next few weeks and need some advice. 2" drop spindles in front, 1.5" drop springs in the rear. I am planning on putting 17/7 wheels on all 4 corners with low but not to low profile tires all the way around. This is a daily driver so I don't want to sacrifice much ride comfort for looks. Although I do want it to look good. It drives like a new one now. I am concerned about the clearance issue with the 17/7 wheels and tires. I don't know what backspace I need to order. I have been looking and decided on two company's for wheels, Coys ($175) and Centerline ($229), both torque thrust wheels, I'm leaning toward the Coys because they are about 50 dollars a wheel cheaper. I don't want to order the wrong backspace with tires rubbing and be stuck with wheels I can't use. I want to get it right the first time. I've previewed some of the cars here and you guys have some awesome rides. Thanks for your help!!!
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