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  • Hi Kip, got your name from Chris Lyons I am located in Richmond IN, and just bought an 87 TurboT with 28K I bought a scanmaster and am getting LOTS of retard at boost, lean conditions including backfire intake during startup and hard accel. Just trying to get back to stock andthen start from there Looking for guidance on where to start .... thanks - Steve 765-977-4129
    Hi Kip, Alan forwarded me your info regarding seats you have available. Can you send me some info please? thanks
    Hi Kip
    Hang in there GNBrett seems to just want to pick a fight. I find ignoring this type is better for me than getting my blood pressure up. These guys do not realize that we are volunteering our time to help the Buick community therefore life is too short for these types that would rather tear it down, for what ever reason they think it is necessary.
    hey kip. what kind of pistons would you recomend. i believe im looking for some 3.820w/a .927 pin size , also price and time to arrive. thanks ,danny
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