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  • Please email kna4977@hotmail.com if interested in parts . I don't receive alerts if a message is posted here only PM's or thread replies.
    I'll pay $200 for #12 can you send me pictures of #5?If #4 is the correct one i think it is i'll pay $250.I'll pay $50 for #2.So it'll be a package deal.
    Hi, can you tell me if the weatherstrip for the hard top is the weatherstrip that has a piece of metal at the point were the A pillar meets the roof?Can you email me pictures of the oil pan and the weatherstripping?(lordeo2@yahoo.com
    Will you take $1k shipped.I want to send payment tonight.So please let me know asap.I also will need some other parts you have,Thanks.
    Please call me to discuss some of the other parts you have, if you can.(718)300-3977.Eddie I can call you,if you like.
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