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  • Hello,is your T still available? My Dad is looking for a low mileage car. You can reach me at jjwirsz@yahoo.com or 215-971-5831. I am in Philly PA.
    You still have the silver T for sale? If so please give me your contact number and I'll call and discuss. My email is shane@jscooklaw.com and phone is 205-486-0893. Thanks.

    I have a set of simmons fr-17 with black centers I am looking to sell. contact me if you still are interested in buying a pair.
    I was looking at your silver T. I see your looking for a GN. I have a low milage gnx. IM looking for a driver.. Im tired of looking at the car sitting in the garage. Im asking 67k for mine.. It has 9k miles. Thanks Steve
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