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  • Mike would you give me an up or down on some 14 bolt M&A heads? These heads are on a stage 2 motor i am looking a buying. The person said the 40 sets of 14 bolt heads did not have the problems of the earlier M&A, as we have experienced. He will sell the motor with out the heads and the Hogan intake if requested.
    I have searched for info on these heads but not coming up with anything ? Thanks Austin Kendall, Ok City
    turbo nasty
    turbo nasty
    If they have been ported I would get them psi tested.
    He says they have been pressure tested to 300PSI, not sure about porting yet, Thanks
    Hello Mike...I received the racetronix 510LPH dual fuel pump setup...thank you!
    l installed the pumps amd wiring...with the exception of connecting the two pin connection at the end of the 15lb hobb switch. How/where does this connection plug Into?

    Thanks aso always

    Jeff Tornicelli... Melbourne, FL
    Hi Mike
    I live in Amherst ,Ohio and was wondering if you know anyone near me that is buick friendly-knowledgeable and I can take my car to to get my engine installed . I have had this engine on engine stand for 8 years and getting tired of looking at it .
    Mike, I have a practically brand new front harness. It was in the car for a year. It has the extensions already in it. I believe its a Caspers. Not hacked or spliced. With all the relays, I also have a Caspers injector harness. I am looking to get 450 for the complete front harness with Injector harness
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