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  • I got your email bit for some reason it wont let me respond
    Can you send me the service number of the stock one? I want to make sure it will work on my 97 GS
    sorry I missed this - dont get notifications for visitor messages i guess

    I dont have a complete top swap currently but can probably come up with one , and have several stock trannys but shipping sucks on a tranny - better to buy local on those
    Hey murphinator, my name is Ricky Collins. I live close to SLC, UT and drive a 99 buick regal ls 177k I know it has aton of miles but its a solid trooper that has been in my family since 99. Anyway I finally own it :) I was reading on one of your posts about a top swap for the ls? and tranny rebuild you were selling Im not sure if you still have them or not I am very interested though if you could message me back or even send me a text my number is 801-941-8607 I would love to find out more about them,


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