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    I recently did something on this board that i haven't done in years.

    i do this weird thing when i don't like something i read on the internet: i don't look at that thing again... no need to block people, just don't feed their trolling unless you want to have fun with it..
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    Mystery of the expensive & crappy detent cable solved

    most of this type of "special, hard to find, discontinued" parts that are sold for these cars are probably repurposed parts for a different application.. if it works, hey, good for them. they put in the legwork to find something that almost fit and made it fit, then charged a little bit for...
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    three dead alternators

    put the charging circuit back to stock, with the exciter wire going thru the light in the dash... GM built millions upon millions of cars, trucks, vans, rv's, and dump trucks over a period of several decades with that exact circuit without any problems... i don't get why people think they need...
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    P/S pump/pulley

    pretty sure they are the exact same brackets and the exact same pump/pulley as any other rwd Buick 3.8 powered car of the era...
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    How to? Vacuum brake Conversion

    taking the steering column out so you can take the whole brake pedal bracket out would save a lot of aggravation under the dash... i've never actually done this swap- i've replaced a few boosters and pedals in various cars over the years- but i think i could knock it out in a couple of hours...
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    Watch this guy crash this new $1.9M Ferrari right after leaving the dealership.

    clickbait is clickbait, and saying that the guy just left the dealership gets more clicks... and even if he did leave the dealership, who's to say he just bought it? maybe he had an oil change done or maybe he was just driving thru the lot looking at all the lesser models sitting there..
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    Who would put needles in candy given to kids on halloween?

    there was one in Brainerd that turned out to be a hoax... like most of them...
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    Chevrolet Performance Nova 2.0 LTG Build video,67 Nova Turbo 4 cyl Powered.

    i like that they put an actual 6 speed manual trans in it instead of whatever 12 speed automatic they put in most cars these days.
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    Watch this guy crash this new $1.9M Ferrari right after leaving the dealership.

    where in that video did it say anything about the guy just leaving the dealership?
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    E cigarette danger. Look at what happened to this guy.

    or just don't get them... if you want to quit smoking, man up and quit smoking... if you want to look cool, then sucking on a penis shaped electronic object that emits a puff of smoke when you suck on it is also the wrong way of going about it... and if you just want to be able to smoke wherever...
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    Space junk labelled "WTF" is going to crash into us on NOV 13

    the official designation is "WT1190F".. as it clearly states near the bottom of the page in the sensationalized clickbait worthy page that you linked to.. so, yes, those 3 letters are in there, but they aren't together... why they gave it that particular official designation i don't know and i'm...
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    i have a sales brochure for them somewhere... they were actually comparing it to the Impala SS by name- a car that had been out of production for 7 years by the time these came out.. they only mentioned the areas where it was better than the Impala SS, and kind of glossed over the parts where it...
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    Searching for a GN: what does "Exceeds mechanical limits" mean on a vehicle history report??

    once you replace everything that can wear out, and upgrade a few things just because you can, mileage no longer matters. and in the case of the suspension and body mounts, it's probably more solid than it was when it left the factory.
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    Space junk labelled "WTF" is going to crash into us on NOV 13

    it is not called "WTF"- those 3 letters just happen to be in the official designation for it... i hate clickbait..
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    Massive GM recall for oil leakers........

    why is this news now? i began getting recall notices about a month after i got my '01 GTP a few years ago... but i ignored them, because i had already put valve cover gaskets in it and they weren't leaking. i went to the dealer to get them to take my car off the recall list because i had done...