C6 Vette 18X9.5 wheels on a Regal


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May 12, 2004
has anyone done it? i just picked up a set of the aftermarket repro C6 Z06 18x9.5" wheels to put on my 86 Camaro, and i thought maybe someone out there has put some of these on a Regal or GN.. they have a LOT of backspacing- 7.5"- so some thick adapters would be needed, but i bet they would look killer if one was to also upgrade to bigger brakes. maybe when i order the adapters for the front of my Camaro i will bolt 2 of the wheels on one side of the Regal and see how they look..

Love these wheels on 3rd and 4th gens but not so much on a gbody. I think the gbodys need a dished wheel. Not a fan of flat faced wheels on these cars. Again that's just my opinion. Plus as you said it would take big wheel spacers or adapters. I think Conrad has a set of vette wheels on his car come to think of it.

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Some tire size info would help as well.
Here are some photos of some TR's with Vette wheels.
The first is mine at the '90 GS Nationals with 255/50 & 16x8.5 w/ 1.5" adapters/ spacers.
I have 255/40-17 on the front w/ 8.5 wide wheel, 4 7/8" backspace and 285/40-17 on the rear w/ 9.0 wide wheel, 4 5/8" backspace.

On the rear, with the extra 1/2" to the outside, 4 3/4" backspace should work (2 3/4" adapter/ spacer) and still clear the fender lips if not rolled.

On the front I think 5" backspacing would be the max (2 1/2" adapter/ spacer), but not sure.
255's on the front seem to be max without the GNS performance fender patch mod without rubbing.

Check out the Oficial tire and wheel- show them off sticky, find a comfy chair as it's 50 pages long.

These are posted in the "Turbo video's and picture library" thread towards the bottom of the forum in the Miscellaneous section.