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    method to confirm antenna wire is still good

    As the title states, is there a way to make sure that the 30+ year old antenna wire on our Turbo Regals is still in usable condition? (Yes, I am referring to bench testing.) Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Dean
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    2 gauge A pillar pod

    As the title states looking for a two gauge A pillar pod. Picture please. Price shipped to 72758. Thanks. Please email to
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    Many years ago had what seems to be the same problem with flickering of my headlights, very sporadic lasting fractions of a second. Spent hours looking for the cause but found nothing. Ended up replacing headlight switch. Problem solved. I hate to just replace parts for no apparent reason but...
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    Muffler recomendations

    Lee, The reason I put on the Hushpower mufflers was that I had used them before and was VERY happy with the sound and lack of drone. I had them on a 2004 GTO which had the LS1 motor and a 2011 Camaro with the L99 6.2 motor with great results - a pleasing muscle car growl outside the car and...
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    Muffler recomendations

    My set up is a LS3 in a Turbo Regal using the TR 2 1/2 inch exhaust. Both Borla and Hushpower have more than an annoying drone at 60 - 70 mph so don't go that route. I'm thinking of the Hooker system with Aerochamber mufflers that I like in my GN with its LC2. Of course different motors will...
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    CCW 17s

    I've got CCW classics on my Turbo Regal. Fronts are 17 x 9 with 4.75 inch backspace with 245/45-17 tires. Backs are 17 x 9.5 with 4.75 inch backspace with 275/40-17 tires. Car is lowered about 1 inch at all four corners. No other mods. Rare rub of front tire on back side of inner fender on...
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    Any LS regals for sale?

    Please check your PMs.
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    High mounted brake light

    Just wish to complete this thread. As suggested by 1986 Buick GX1 the problem was indeed the brake switch at the base of the steering column. Borg Warner P/N S936 corrected the problem. Thanks for the help!
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    High mounted brake light

    That's why I started this thread figuring there was an electrical circuit issue that I didn't even know existed. Makes sense if there are two circuits in those brake switches. I will start there. When I get a chance to buy a replacement switch I will post again to confirm that indeed was the...
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    High mounted brake light

    I wish to share a puzzler with everyone. These 30 year old cars find new ways to challenge me every month. The high mounted brake light on my '87 Turbo Regal has just started to remain on when the brakes are not engaged. The other brake lights continue to function normally. Can anyone...
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    Connecting Oil Pressure Sending Unit to VDO GNX Style Gage Cluster

    I can't respond to the knowledge shared by Turbo6inKY but looking at the picture of the wiring in the back of the oil pressure gauge I believe the gray and black wires go to the bulb, the red wires to power the gauge, (can't see this clearly but there should be ground wires to the connector next...
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    heater valve ?

    Lee, I'm not sure how old this thread is (the recent website changes etc have me more confused than usual) and you might not need another answer to your question but I did an LS3 conversion into a worn out LC2 Turbo Regal and used the factory HVAC system except for the compressor. I do have...
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    WTB 44-60 TURBO (compatible with a 2800 LU)

    Just noted your thread. If you are still looking PM me as I have an option for you to consider. Dean
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    Trunk lid torsion bar

    I noticed this thread as I have a never installed complete P/N 20477735 that I purchased years ago but never installed it. Hadn't thought about it in years and never was motivated to sell it. I bought it to allow more space to install subwoofers and an amplifier but didn't need the extra room...
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    1987 Regal LS3 Conversion for sale

    I don't understand your objection. Just honestly describing the car. Raced and beat on with a lot of 1990 era modifications. All those parts are gone. Anyway, thanks for reading the post!