For Sale: 1987 Regal Turbo LS3 Conversion


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I am reposting this classified ad. I don't know what has gone on the past two weeks with the website as it disappeared then reappears as though thru some Star Trek space-time continuum and my ad has not reappeared. Sorry for any confusion other than my own.

FOR SALE: 1987 Buick Regal Turbo LS3 Conversion

The car was originally a Turbo Regal purchased with 57,108 miles on the odometer. It was obvious that it had been ridden hard and put up wet many a time and had remnants of the best modifications for Turbo Regals that 1990 had to offer. The vehicle’s drivetrain was completely exhausted yet the car was a super clean, nonsmoker vehicle without weird smells nor any rust. It did have evidence of a budget repaint at some point in its existence. Therefore it was a great candidate for my purposes - a LS3 conversion. The original drivetrain was replaced with a new GM LS3/4L65E combo. Many other upgrades were performed at that time including a new drive shaft, a Moser rear axle with a 12 bolt 35 spline GM differential with 3.42 gearing and a Wavetrac diff, 4 piston Baer brakes at all four corners, line lock, UMI front tubular upper and lower control arms, an HR Parts and Stuff rear anti-sway bar and upper and lower control arms, new springs, Bilstein shocks, new fuel tank and pump, new Alradco radiator with LS1 dual fans, Setrab oil and transmission fluid coolers, triangulated crossmember up front, a custom fabricated crossmember at the back of the chassis rails, and CCW wheels which were their original 2 piece Classics - 17x9 up front, 17x9.5 in back. Cosmetic upgrades included a new headliner, conversion to Lear Siegler seats front and back, a Danko rear spoiler modified to a 1 piece design, a Pioneer double DIN radio/DVD unit with all 6 Concert II speakers replaced, HID headlights, legal window tinting and Dakota Digital’s VHX instrument cluster. The car was then driven in this configuration for over 25,000 miles without any issues. At this point my son influenced me into upping the game. With the help of talented people at Ball Metal Fabrication and Hot Rods in Northwest Arkansas the car was transformed into a turbocharged LS3. Modifications at this step included: Holley Terminator X computer, stock heads with ARP studs, Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) .660 lift platinum LS springs, LS9 multi layer head gaskets, Johnson short travel lifters, trunnion kit, Holley VCs with -10 lines for the catch can, Vibrant steam vent set up, BTR Stage 2 turbo cam, PT7675 turbo, Tial 60mm wastegate, 2 Tial 50 mm blow off valves, ID1050X fuel injectors, intank Walbro 450 fuel pump, secondary boost referenced Magnafuel 750 fuel pump, -10 feed to Holley -8 fuel rails, -6 fuel return with flex fuel sensor, Alkycontrol injection system, Extreme Automatics 4L80E with triple disc lockup, custom fab front mount intercooler located behind modified front bumper, complete custom exhaust including electric cut out and additional gauges for A/F ratio, boost/vacuum, fuel pressure, oil and transmission fluid temperature. As were most Turbo Regals the car is fully optioned - A/C, tilt wheel, power windows and locks, rear defogger - all of which are fully operational. Despite the lengthy description I am probably forgetting something. Please note the car presently has no cruise control system and the power antenna needs repair. Since the turbocharging project the car has been driven less than 200 miles with the odometer presently reading 25,751 miles. Total mileage on the body/chassis is 82,859.

This is a very unique vehicle. Depending on how it’s driven and how it’s tuned it can be a great cruising machine or a beast. As happens to all of us life has changed and the car needs a new home. Anyone seriously considering such a G body conversion should consider this as an option. To be perfect (at least in my vision) it will need a paint job otherwise it is ready to be driven right now. Listing price is $44,000. Now for the usual comments: no warranty, a deposit of $500 would be appreciated within 48 hours with the remainder of the sale price by wire transfer or bank cashier check. The car could be driven home but I am certainly willing to assist with pick up by transport. After sale the car will remain in a climate controlled garage until pick up. Thank you for your interest. The best way to contact me is via email at


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What's going on with the steering wheel? Is that a handicap setup? The car looks beautiful. Wish I had the $$ to go for it.
Thank you for the kind words. And Mr. Leeper is correct - can’t build this for the listing price. Yes the vehicle has hand controls as a family member is disabled. The hand controls will be removed upon sale. There will be compression marks noted on the leather of the steering wheel where the hand control is attached at the “4 o’clock” position.