1987 bone stock GNX#148..610 ORIGINAL miles.

1985 Gn T top
V2 setup,3000 stall , 42 lb.injectors-razors alky-3inch down pipe- RJC boost valve and adj.single wastegate,atr up pipe,tt chip,87ecm,electric fans,3 inch ss gn1 exhaust with sound performance boost activated dump, 70 MM acufab tb,lightning rods,powerlogger and scan master.

champion irons and intake with 70 mm accufab,212/212 flat tappet ,80 lb injectors,caspers injector harness and voltage booster,Be cool rad.

1.65 rockers, RJC pulleys and boost controller,Bailey 2 step, 4 inch rjc exhaust,winters shifter ,line lock,ls1 MAF, TT chip, Razors alky, pt61 turbo, adj fuel reg, hot wire, walbro 340, 2004r, billet foward drum, trans brake, prescision 3600 stall,stainless fuel lines tank ,Metco LCAs 1.3/8",powerlogger and scanmaster------- UNDER CONSTRUCTION BUILDING 9 SECOND MOTOR SETUP --



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