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    Palms Casino Grand National chip

    I have one I would part with for $100 bucks. I ended up not doing what I planned on doing with it anyway. I don't have to sell it so just throwing the offer out there.
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    Russell SS Brake Hose

    just ordered a set also we will see how it goes.. I ordered a set from i believe gbody parts about 2 years ago.. no idea who made them...never got around to them and finally did last weekend...fittings cracked right in half when i SNUGGED them down. I was red in the face... Now to find new hard...
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    Parting Out Fresh 600HP T-Type Drivetrain. Precision Turbo, Stainless Headers, Jimmy's 2004R Etc!

    where do you tune out of in chicago? curious because I have been looking at options.
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    about to order my rear I have all I need?

    What I gather from that is I should order both?
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    about to order my rear I have all I need?

    Alright I have all the stuff to replace my front brakes and now I am just making sure I have everything I need for the rears before I place the order. Can you guys just let me know if I need to add or remove anything? Also I have never done rear drums before but I am not worried since I can take...
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    Chicago Trading post II

    I have some ac lines (2 or 3 sets) and a stock intake manifold unported.. $40 for the ac lines and 200 for the intake. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Don't miss this Special Gathering in June 6,7,8 for GN and Ttype enthusiast

    If I have time to clean up the car and make it run right I will certainly try. otherwise I might just go for one of the days to hang out and learn some stuff. for as long as I have had this car I am still a newbie with it and don't mess with it as much as I should.
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    Chicago Trading post II

    I know this isn't Buick related but I thought I would throw it up here in case anyone might be interested. I have a 86 suzuki rm250 dirtbike for sale. Just rebuilt it yesterday and runs great. It has a title and alot of new parts. Will trade for Buick parts or cash. Looking for 700 obo...
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    C5 Calipers Brand New from Kore3

    man if these would clear my wheels I would be all over this. I still have my stock Intake manifold collecting dust on a shelf. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Stock shifter Nice condition

    sweet would you do 90 shipped? let me know and i can paypal you.
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    Stock shifter Nice condition

    can i get pics of the shifter with the handle off? i know they can break where the notch is for the c clip for the handle. just want to make sure both sides are there and not damaged
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    Need a shifter that doesn't have the top piece/s broken off so you can install the clip and keep the shifter handle on it. Let me know if you have one
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    87 GN wiring harness

    Paid. Thanks.
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    turbo rick

    I will totally be in contact with him come spring time when I decide to get my car up and running and tuned right. It has been too long just sitting there and not being enjoyed. Hopefully I can get it sorted out then. I have heard nothing but good things!
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    Performance parts for sale

    scanmaster still available? version? interested please pm.