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  • Hi Randy -

    Nice talking with you last week about my T-Type. I am giving the eBay listing a rest...most of the turbo Buick guys didn't relist either. The offers were low-ball...guys looking for a cheap, fast thrill.

    Here is the URL for the auto transport companies Web site: www.transportreviews.com

    Have fun!

    Randy Hagins
    Randy Hagins
    I thought you sold the car. Ok, I'll look into some of the shipping companys and see what it will cost. I think I will more than likely stick with the GN here in town, love your T type but the shipping is hard to part with.
    Keep in touch.

    Hi Randy,

    I just sold my Corvette in September and am looking for a nice Buick. I am wondering if you have any leads you might pass on? I definately want to keep you on my list as I live in Jacksonville, near Fruitcove (about a mile from the cruise in).


    Sure. Give me a number that I can call you. I will be out of town for the week, I can call Thursday night or Friday. I can help you out.
    Randy I could really use your help need to replace a broken brake line and and really find out how my car is set up I bought it without much info. I'm ready let me know when you are available. thanks Tommy
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