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  • this is the car
    Buick : Grand National:eBay Motors (item 320450336860 end time Nov-24-09 08:08:46 PST)
    Otto, I make a kit for that car. I can supply a tank or send the fittings to mod one.

    I'll send you an email.

    Thanks for thinking of me :)
    Hey Julio< what do you have for a kit on a 2004 mustang cobra,they do want to lose the washer tank but will if its best.
    Let me know
    email ojpv6turbo@optonline.net
    Hi. My friend greg has one of your kits on his GN and said I should talk to you about a kit for my honda. I have a twin turbo 406ci small block chevy in my honda civic. I just started tuning it and on the street I run pump gas. I am looking to make aprox 1500whp with my race tune w/c16. I have twin liquid to air intercoolers but think the added benefit of meth would help tremendously. My question is how big on a nozzle or nozzles would I need and pump. I have a haltech ecu and believe I can control the activation with it. Let me know if you need any other info. thanks Mike
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