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  • hey whats up red just a update the cars running if you look at my sig you can see a video of her up and alive again...
    thanks man shes a 85. needs a lil bit of work. but no body work at all. the turbo is shot( im going to rebuild it) and she need a new ignition module.
    hey man i lost my regal back in December. but i do got a 85 gn now real that i just bought man. and good to see you again.
    hey whats sup red. finally got the pics up... lol. sorry it took so long. but it mounted on and looks good. sad though shes buried in snow from the blizzard we just had. well check out the pics there in my albums. take it easy and happy holidays.
    having a lil trouble with the pics due to the fact my wife has the cam with her and she uses it at work. but rest assure as soon as i get it i will put them up.
    well the spolier has arrived yesterday. pics are coming up on my next day off this wednesday. it looks good. ill let you know how i installed it also. talk to you then.
    hey man just to let you know the spolier gonna come first. got the email today. the rear bumper is on back order. but they have confirmed today that it will ship thursday this week. now i gotta play the waiting game. soon as the parts get here i will comment you and post pics on how they look. take care man.
    Quick question.
    I have a scanmaster jus came in bought used it has 3 wires the power an one other wire are twisted together an then the negative. Are the two wires supposed to be connected? And I believe I plug it into the fuse box, to a ign slot? Is that correct? Last question what are some correct numbers I should be running?[/QUOTE]
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