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  • Rob, went to Musclepalooza at Lebanon Valley on Sunday, lot's of cars!!! Jack Cotton ran a 9.17! I didn't get a chance to talk to him, he looked pretty busy. I'm going to be headed to the track soon, you should ride out with me, alot fun. BTW, I ended up buying Tom's WH1. I'm going to put it on the road, and let the wife drive it! I'll be talking to you soon. See ya.. Phil.
    Rob, Phil here. We didn't end up going to Bowling Green, flooded out. Stop over some time, I have my Weldon pump done. I put the PTC in the GS WOW!!! Different car. Give me a call or stop by. I also have a guitar I need you to look at and see if it"s worth spending any money on. Phil.
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