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  • Aaron. I see your posts under the electrical forum, specifically regarding the LEDs. Can you help me?
    I installed the tail light LEDs from GNS.....and only the passenger side works the way it should.
    The driver's side works when the parking and head lights are on, but it does not light up for turn signals or hazards.
    I really appreciate any guidance. Chris
    ive got a couple other magz too,they raced it against a ford mustang in another issue,a shootout thing,then they did another on the baer claw brakes,the cars had about 2500 miles since then
    Bad ECM... Troy was on top of it Sat eve.. back up and running ALREADY .. Im going to drive the crap out of it Sunday to be sure.. but so far... GAME ON ! ! (again) for the Power Tour.. Hope to see you on Monday ! :)
    Hey... hope you're having a great time... I'm staying died today, no hopes for getting it fixed by Monday for DuQuoin :( Super sad
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