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  • Hi Scott. I stumbled across your post and pictures of the Fuel Pump access hole. Beautiful mod. The best that I have seen so far. If you dont mind, I had a few qusestions about your proceedure and attack. I noticed that you are a member of too.
    Hey bud... How are you? BIG GAME today!

    I tried to pm ttafan but he must be busy. Couldn't wait...haha Always wanted this system so.. Arrived in 1 week.. actually 4 business days!

    You have 3" ATR right? I remember when you purchased it from the boards. That one sounded soooooooo good on Quiky's TTA in Ohio. Wish those systems were still available... would have bought one after Ohio 3 years ago. lol

    How do you like the sound of Trent's TTA? Good? Loud? Notice improvement over previous exhaust?

    Take care Pal, Joe
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