Feb 27, 1956 (Age: 68)
Toronto Canada


1972 Toyota Celica 87 TR drive train
Motor 30 over, 10/10 crank, HV.oil pump, P&P heads, PTE 44, Speedpro 204/214,cam, Poly mount. Dutweiller big neck intercooler, 62 mm TB, Power Plate.
Hot wired GSS 340, 52lb Siemens, mod ECM, 18X quickstart setup, hot wired 3800 module and coils, AC CR42’s, Magnacor plug wires.

MAFTPro, Extender Pro chip, LT-1 MAF (running in Speed Density mode) LC1 WB O2 sensor, BSTC, Razor's Alky kit.

ATR billet OD H20 pump pulley, FlowKooler H2O pump, in conjunction with Stewart Components electric water pump, Aluminium rad, Ford Taurus 2 Sp electric fan.

Postons headers, Remflex exhaust gaskets, 3” exhaust into 2 ½ “ dual Magnaflows.

Built 2004R Protorque 2800 LU converter, B&M Megashifter, external coolers and remote filter.

Chopped Ford 9” @3:25 Trac Lok , adj 4 link, 300 ZX disk brakes, air bags, KYB Gas-A-Just’s, 96 Infinity Q45 front calipers & 11” vented rotor, KYB AGX 4 way adj struts, Ground Control Coilovers & camber plates , Toyo T1R's 205/45/16 , 245/45/16


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