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  • See no one posted on block.Never seen one at 4.125 bore.Think it would be to thin on walls for a sleeve project.How much there between bores?Have some pistons & offcenter narrow new carrillo rods you could use if you do?
    Jason , my name is Pete from Pittsburgh, need my antenna fixed on my gn motor keeps running and can pull up and down,can you help me out, my buddy has same problem and needs fixed,my number is 412-638-5648 could you give me a call maybe you can fix both of them thanks Pete
    Hey Jason,

    I think me and my brother are ready to look into a few things. For me;

    1. new injectors 60lb
    2. new chip to replace my thumbwheel chip
    3. I want to buy some light and hopefully cheap wheels. I will switch with slicks to drag, but want reular tires on good wheels. Any idead where to get the wheels.

    My brother wants a new chip for his TTA

    I thought maybe we can go over what the best customized options are for both chips and then place the order.

    Give me a call when you can,


    I meet you at Caste about a month ago and then at Wexford, I am a new GN owner - Vince. My brother has a 89 TTA and is considering some work to be done. I gave him the card you gave me. His name is Jim. I have a question, I want to get new drag radials. I have BF Goodrich 235 60 R15, can I go to 255 60 R15? Is there a better tire for drag racing in your opinion than the BF Goodrich? Thanks!
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