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  • Hello Steve. I do not know the correct way to reach out to you properly on the site...I do not wish to create a problem, as I do not get a chance to peruse this site much. I met you around a year ago up at Williamsburg. I had the 87GN with the heater issue. What is the best way to reach out to you, or to have you do so to me when you have a chance. Thanks. Harry
    Steve V
    Harry send me a PM or email next time I just saw this 6/30/14 or call me 757 560 2782
    Hey Steve I have a 87mcss and a 383 hyd roller .535/555 lift Howards cam 110265 part# in it. (not in Car) I am looking for a transmisson for it also. I do not which way to go as far as a fuel system current ccc carb modified and a modified chip in the computer or look towards a gn type fuel system. Thanks so much any help would be appreciated I live in Richmond
    Hey , just wanted to let you know I have over 20k on the engine now and it's still very strong. The tranny has started to slip but I have ordered a Janice built from NC turbo for $1k . I will be installing it next weekend. I ordered a new set of Champion ported irons and a billet roller cam and I also will be installing these parts this weekend . I have added all the bolt on's I can get . 6262BB and PTC SLIC , ATR headers and ATR External DP, cottons 3in cat back etc etc, oh and the best part razor installed my alky last year at Richard Clarks. That were I do most of my upgrades and that's were I will be installings my new heads and cam. Hope all is well and thank again for 1 tough well built engine and tranny . Lance

    Send me a regular PM. We can cover it that way. I can do those items,I just need to cover some bases and options 1st. Thanks Steve V.
    Hey Steve, i have heard nothing but good things about you from the guys here on the forum. Im in Chesapeake and i own a GN. Just recently iv'e discovered a small leak coming from the timing cover seal and there might also be a little coming from the rear main seal. The oils seems to accumulate right around the area of the crank sensor and where the pan meets the block. I was just wondering if you had some time to freshen up those seals for me. Maybe also just give it a good once over and freshen up what ever gaskets or seals might need replaced. Let me know if you are able to take on the job, if not, to at least take a quick look at it for me and tell me where to start. This is my second TR and i am pretty familiar with them, i would just rather have someone that knows them inside and out handle this for me. Other than those little leaks, the car runs like a top and has been really really reliable. Let me know what you can do. Thanks in advance. Jose
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