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    My car loves E85

    It will run stronger at 11.2 / 1 a/f ratio. This will give you more room to increase boost because you will use less fuel. Don't run more than 21 degrees of advance. You can increase your fuel pressure to feed more fuel into the engine if you want to run even more boost. If you do this,lower...
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    Built 3.8 vs 4.1 vs stage2

    The 6.5 long rods in the 1st option are too long. The JW flywheel is known for being too thick and pushing the torque converter hub too far into the pump rotor which drives the rotor into the back of the pump in the transmission. This will destroy the pump. Unless you know the measurements that...
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    Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is?

    I installed aftermarket cruise controls that used something like this when I worked for Sears Auto in the late seventies to mid eighties.
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    All smell E85 under car

    It is rum.
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    RJC's Rear Engine Brace ??

    I like the stock mounts and brace. The transmission is what twists the block during acceleration. It does this at the back of the engine. If you stop the block from twisting at the front of the engine with a strap or rigid engine mounts,you are applying a force to the block that it similar to...
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    Dave Huseks 3021 Torque Converter

    Dave modified my 5 disc Vigilante 0 pump to duplicate the characteristics of his 3521 converter. This converter is a little bit more slippery than the 3021 that the OP has just purchased. Before Modification 235" 7.88/1...
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    GN1 's rocker alignment

    They're parts used on Kenne-Bell rocker assemblies that they used to offer when they were into Buicks. They're not available any more.
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    GN1 's rocker alignment

    You already have the correct shafts. He said that he enlarged the intake push rod holes from 1/2" diameter to 13.5 mm. That's an increased diameter of 1/32". You are 24 washers, 12 rockers,and 4 tubes away from getting what you want. No machining necessary. Push rods perpendicular to cam and...
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    GN1 's rocker alignment

    What looks good? It's easy to move the rockers until their roller tips are centered over their respective valve stems. The problem is that the push rods get moved over as well. The only picture that matters is a picture of the push rods where they pass through the heads assembled on an engine...
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    GN1 's rocker alignment

    So,you've moved the side of the push rod hole 1/64" closer to the side of the intake port and this extra 1/64" clearance has allowed you to move your rockers over from where they where in your before picture to where they are in your after picture. You say the push rods don't rub the sides of...
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    GN1 's rocker alignment

    He doesn't have iron head rocker assemblies. He has T&D made rocker assemblies for GN1 heads. His assemblies use the same rocker bodies as the T&D iron head assemblies. The only useful parts of his current assemblies are the rocker arms to use on iron heads only and the shafts which can be used...
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    GN1 's rocker alignment

    For the third time,you will need the TA SI rocker arms,tubes and washers. The washers used in the T&D TA SI rocker arm assemblies are the same washers used in the T&D iron head rocker assemblies. The tubes and washers,you currently have,will not work with the T&D SI rocker arms. Using the...
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    GN1 's rocker alignment

    No,they're GN1 specific rocker assemblies which use the same rocker bodies as iron head rocker assemblies.
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    GN1 's rocker alignment

    The T&D rocker assemblies for TA SI heads use the same washers as their assemblies for iron heads. He won't be able to use his current washers or tubes. The only things he can use are his current shafts. He'll have to buy washers,tubes and rockers.
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    GN1 's rocker alignment

    Have you converted from T&D iron assemblies to the longer shafts plus different washers and tubes while using the rockers from the iron head assemblies,or did you purchase assemblies for GN1 heads? Which ever way you got to where you currently are,you're in the same boat. The T&D GN1 rocker...
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