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    Holley adaptor harness

    GNVYUS, I just had the Holley HP Installed by Don Cruz. I used his custom made wiring harness which was a direct plug and play to the existing connections. I also bought his smart coil adapter which bolts to the valve covers. Pretty sweet set up! Call Don... Cruz Performance...
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    The Turbo T that no one wanted

    That Precision is a great FMIC! Where did you find one new???
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    The Turbo T that no one wanted

    Well...hello!!!! That escalated quickly!
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    Bison Helping Me Get Dialed in.....

    Relax... "Old" Tmhymer...
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    My best pass so far 10.23@131

    Hooking and Booking!!!!
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    86 Grand National

    Good luck with the sale Jeff!
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    Congrats to Rocket John Plog!!!

    Congrats John!!! You had that car rolling this weekend!
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    Cleaning out the shop, misc parts for sale cheap.

    One of the most stand-up guys I know...
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    Pair of GN fender covers w/turbo 6 logo

    Were these in the back of the sweet rosewood T you were selling? What ever happened to that car? It was sweet and at a great price! Ky
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    1986 WH1

    Cool garage! GLWS
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    LBC - Palm Harbor & Paninis - Lutz & Cars and Coffee

    Hey tampa area folks! Ive been crusing lately to LBC in Palm Harbor (monday nights) and Paninis Bar and Grill in Lutz (thursday nights) to stretch my cars legs. These are local cruises put on by Floroda Street Scene . Haven't seen any other Buicks. Does anyone in the Tampa area ever go to...
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    GNXJohn Positive A+++

    Bought some stock T wheels from GNXJohn to put some drag radials on for the track vs running them on the street. Excellent communication, quick to respond, fast to ship, tracking number as well! Smooth transaction! Will buy from him again. Thanks!
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    Built coyote swapped Saleen

    Bump for an excellent Seller, I know first hand! Bought my T from him. I've seen Richard's cars in notch. If I was going to buy a fox body...this would be the one!
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    Hey Bud, question. What is the backspacing on your welds? For the rear and fronts? I plan on...

    Hey Bud, question. What is the backspacing on your welds? For the rear and fronts? I plan on running an 8 inch rear rim and don't want to cut or roll the fender. Thanks in advance. Ky