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  • I'm looking for a reputable machinist/builder for my 87 GN block. I am in the Milford MI area, any suggestions?
    Contact Bruce at Aggressive Performance. He is an awesome guy, straight shooter and very knowledgeable about GN's. 586-771-9122
    I'd like to buy your Crower rods. Please call or send me an address for payment.
    Mark Jackson 567-356-7615 cjackson@ohiolink.net
    Hey dave,
    You still buidling motors?
    Would like to talk to you about getting one built if I could or if you have the time.
    Steven Chambers

    Called about your old limited car you had way back, then again around a month ago about taking body off frame, You told me that I could pull front clip all at once.
    86 T-Top car: Any information would be great!! had more questions but this new software won't let you use that many words.........Thank you, John Collings email jcollings1@att.net
    cell 561-262-4341 Florida
    hi dave i just saw your roll bar and interior. Wow that is the nicest roll cage i have ever seen. I want my car to remain stock . you did an awesome job with the blue paint and the race seat looks nice too.
    I have one question for you i am 6'3" and hit my head sometimes do you think the race seat could help me with the height ?
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