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  • hey there I seen that u had sum Stock GN axle 4 sale was wondering if there still 4sale,bkuz I live in Tacoma,WA and have been searching everywhere and cannot find any stock used 28 spline GN axles.so let me ,Thanx-craig
    I'm not sure if the DW pump will over power the stock lines. I have not tried it. Most say it will be OK. BUT......your car may have a crimped line which obviously will reduce flow. The Saginaw fittings on the return line are VERY small and it's only a 1/4" line to begin with.
    Does the dw300lph fuel pump work with the stock fuel feed and return lines. I know I read somewhere people couldn't get there fuel pressures down because of stock return lines but I am not sure what pump that was with.
    Rollmaster seems to one of the better ones, but a stock GM chain will work great with the stock cam. I have a few NEW GM chains and gears if you can't find one. Dale Green (DG) is a great guy. Say hello for me when you see him. He's had a few V6 heads on his flow bench but that was YEARS ago.
    What timing chains do you like? Can we get em local also a in seattle. I am getting the heads ported at dg machine in auburn can afford a roller cam right now so the stock one stays in until I can. unless you have a budget setup you could sell cheaply. Currently the motor is stock but its a hybrid situation so while its out doing some preventative maintenance with the hope for more power.
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