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  • Hey turbognx75,
    I might be needing a VSS for my AVC dash. Do you have contact info for the guy in Wisc. that sells them with the cable? I live in Champaign, not far from you. Thanks.
    I need your Paypal address my wife will pay pal you as soon as we get it our address is 2820 s.51st.milwaukee Wi 53219 when you ship it can you send me the tracking # so I can track the package.
    Thanks tom
    Not sure this is how to pm been awhile board is different now very cool though I would like to talk to you fri. Here is my # 1-414-559-1655im a third shifter and get out of work at 7.00 am ill be up for a few hours mabe longer if I end up in garage.
    Hey do you still have the doors? Looking for a rust free one for my 86 GN with power windows? let me know please and thanks
    I do have the chrome headlight bezels(1981 Regal) - believe chrome is vgc.Also have nice chrome front and rear bumper - front still has turn signals/parking lights.Hope this is what you asked about.Thanks.
    I only paid $20 + shipping. Which was 15 more. I'm not a "tree hugger" by any stretch of the imagination but I don't like venting the raw fumes to the atmosphere. Not to mention the smell in my garage.
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