Apr 22, 1970 (Age: 53)
philly PA
My car(s)
87'turbo T 62mm turbo turbonetics,3"downpipe,60lb delphi injectors,full gauges a-pillar and console percision fuel pump with hot wire kit the usual stuff,20psi boost


87'gunmetal gray turboT hardtop,PW,PL,tilt,cruise,new 60lb delphi's,62mm turbonetics,3"down to a 3"cutout,hooker headers and muffs sounds awesome,ported plenlum,be-cool rad,160thermostat,console gauges,oil,water,full a-pillar,boost,knock,air-fuel makes 20psi of boost no problem,eric's TTchip,this is my current combo but more to come as my parts continue to come in.paint is dead last on her.pics to come soon
89'IROC-Z hybrid full buick stock drivetrain,was a fun car until it was totaled R.I.P:mad:
85'monte carlo ss black,ran stock until the engine went dead in 2000,slow but great looking car,fun to drive
84'z28, stock except for a shift kit,AC.lightweight car enough said it was the eighties:rolleyes:
2000 ford focus,daily beater 220,061 milies on an unopened motor.this is not a misprint,car is like the energizer bunny i just change the oil and do proper maintenance. yea a ford i should be shot but it was given to me
"i don't always drive fast,but when i do i prefer a buick,stay fast my friends"




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