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    1987 Black with chrome T

    1987 Black with chrome T
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    87 GN Wiring Harness

    Is this for the complete dash to firewall bulkhead connector with fuse panel, and the engine compartment harness? My computer pins are corroded and dash harness has shorts in it, so I'm very interested in your harness if it is unspliced. Thanks
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    Hood Emblems? WTH?

    Actually, better yet...............why doesn't one of our vendors do this for us and then we all can get the same ones and still support TR vendors at the same time......... :)
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    Hood Emblems? WTH?

    Go down to your local vinyl decal shop and have them cut out of argent silver or chrome vinyl and stick em on, nice and low profile and easy to maintain. Most vinyl decal shops can put them on a magnetic backing for those of you wanting to have the best of both worlds. This is how most of the...
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    How do I get a replacement lugnut lock socket

    You can buy wheel lock removal sockets at some auto-supply outlets, they basicly are round sockets with internal splines that grip the outside round edges of the wheel lock. Just pound them on with a small sledge or ballpeen and use a 1/2 inch breaker bar or ratchet to spin em off, works like a...
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    CAS V-4 and other stuff in Calgary, AB,CAN

    Complete powermaster out of my 87, stopped pressurizing suddenly in October, and I replaced with a vacumn system in November. Comes with 2 spare powermasters with mastercylinders, accumulators, switches and motors. $75 hydroboost assembly out of a G-body with pedal. $15 A/C Delete & Cowl...
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    Fuel rail schrader valve part number?

    They are generally the same ones as for tires, the fuel specified ones should have viton seals instead of standard (buna) rubber seals.:cool:
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    Hotchkis vs Edelbrock

    Hotchkis vs Edelbrock All of the Edelbrock suspension parts are made by Hotchkis...............same stuff just painted red and logo stickers put on. Funny how the Edelbrock parts are usually a bit easier on the wallet.......:biggrin:
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    OIl Cooler Adapter oil flow :)
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    P/S reservoir

    I've seen similar ones in Volvos, come in round and square black plastic. I have not actually tried using one though.......just my observation that they are similar:eek:
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    Lear Siegler seats

    No.....I would not call it a hijack after this amount of time. Mine are gone........ The rough one went to the garbage dump and the good one went to a local gn club member to convert into a office chair. Could'nt give those suckers away for the longest time.......would have kept them if...
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    GNX speedo

    OK........I'll raise my bid to $100 USD, now that there is competition in the bidding. :wink: No trama at all from these posts yet, all of the mind-altering painkillers that I'm on take care of that. I did not intend to infer your GNX speedo was worth $76.88, only that the current SW...
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    GNX speedo

    OK.............the games up............caught in the act. I made up the history lesson so that I could make a lowball offer for the Speedo. Lou, will you take $100 CAD ( about $86 USD)?:D It's probably worth between $150 to $1000, depending on how bad someone wants it. If someone wants an...
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    GNX speedo

    Nothing Special about the GNX Speedo, standard SW Deluxe 3 3/8 Speedo that goes to 160 mph. The GNX used the deluxe style speedo with the low profile chrome bezel ( SW could not supply HD speedos as ordered by ASC, so they subbed in deluxe ones, hence the reason that the GNX dash bezel is about...
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    1984 and 1987 wiring diagrams?

    The Chiltons & Haynes manuals are useless and a big waste of money, they are both published by the same company and have the same pics & info. Very little info on the turbo cars and even then it only seems to cover the 1978 to 83 carb turbos. Waste of time and cash. Factory TR Service Manual...