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    GMHTP Project Power Trip 10-Second Turbo-T

    I remember this car! great car and price! Good luck!
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    4" Maf question

    Vibrant also sells any kind of size tubing you need..
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    6262 spool

    Keep an eye on fuel pressure running 28psi with a small 255 pump that's in your sig.
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    New M/T 315 pro drag radial

    Woof!...the 65 is a fatty.. id like to see a 295/55/15 drag radial pro.. that's a sweet look n hook 27.8"
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    1991 Toyota Supra Turbo

    I owned one back in 92..great car imo.
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    David Husek

    Dave's the man.
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    New M/T 315 pro drag radial

    Better have a good rear end :D
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    New M/T 315 pro drag radial

    Nice :hungry:
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    DeQuick V4 Stretch Intercooler Turbo Trans Am

    Wow super custom.....Bump up!!
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    South East is out of business for Good reason, and not because of their injectors..:cigar:
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    what turbo

    44s have been in the 10s on high boost and alky, with your 2800 10" you will loose a lot up top on the big end (high slip) if you end up going to a 6262 at the track. light to light street races 0-90mph it will work fine...still would need more stall then 2800
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    Best 3" downpipe w/external gate for 6768

    Nice setup, I had a similar one back in the days... Te44, Dynotech trans, 7th injector, red stripe converter, Atr pitbulls, quad air 108 chip, kb fpr, atr Superpump, unknown stretch ic mabe thunder fab,. on Cam2 car use to fly.
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    Engine lost oil pressure/ problem found

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    what turbo

    If your sig is up to date your going to need a converter change with a bigger turbo.
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    Best 3" downpipe w/external gate for 6768

    That was a great answer from forcefed, your probably gonna have to spend a grand on a fab'ed pipe and a good wg these modern days.
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