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    what is the wire in the dash speaker bezel?

    I think that's a Twilight Sentinel. Turns your headlights on at dark. Just a guess, as my WE4 doesn't have this option.
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    Need Speaker Recommendation - Delco Radio, CD Player with EQ p/n: 16085434

    I used some Cerwin Vega 4X10 speakers in the rear, and some 3.5s I got at AutoZone. And a MTX powered subwoofer. I also have the GM Delco CD player with the EQ. Sounds good to me.
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    Who drives their Buick Daily why or why not?

    Got my 87 WE4 January of 92. 39000 miles on her when I got it. Driven daily until it was stolen for the 2nd time. I don't drive her very much anymore. Usually to cruise ins and shows. She has 150000 some odd miles on her now. She's been garaged since 1996. I couldn't bear to have her stolen...
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    How hard is it to add posi?

    My WE4 was non posi from the factory with aluminum brake drums. A local mechanic at the Buick dealership sold me a posi unit and installed it for $250. This was back in 1992. Still going strong. He did it in a couple of hours.
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    posi rearend

    My 87 WE4 did not have posi from the factory, and aluminum brake drums. One of the first mods I made, along with a K&N, and test pipe. And of course, a chip..........
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    Bother the mechanic….

    That's the problem w/these new cars. Everybody thinks they are so fast. Pretty bad when a 30 yr old car can run with them or better. I'm not impressed with ANY of this new junk. Check back in 30 years with your crap.
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    Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    I don't want anyone to get hurt. Just take no crap from those "protesters". Talk shit all you want, just don't loot, burn, or tear up anything. If you do, you should be arrested.
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    Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    Couldn't have been said better. I hope they try some shit tonight. And some antifa fag or blm idiot gets hurt bad. Nobody help them either..............
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    Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    And nobody help them since they hate cops so much. Ignore their asses............B O O-H O O.
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    Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    Excuse my mistake, it's Portland Oregon. Same toilet, different state. And nobody cares about your wonderful weather. Kiss my ass..............
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    Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    I can't wait for the 4th of July when the bikers take care of biz in that shithole known as Seattle. I hope some of those fucktards get the hell beat out of them. That garden is a freakin' joke. Just like the idiots that planted it. Pussy generation is correct. Can't function w/o a fucking...
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    hay youz guys

    It claims to be a R12 equivalent. I've used it w/good results as have friends of mine too. They have a website that can hopefully answer your question. I didn't want to convert to 134a. I used a new compressor and drier and flushed my factory condenser. New seals too. Been working fine for...
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    Anyone handy near Hanover PA?

    I had some 275/50/15s on stock T wheels and they worked. Rubbed a little but not bad. BFG drag radials.
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    hay youz guys

    I redid my AC w/new compressor and dryer etc. and used Envriosafe R12 equivalent and it works well. I didn't want to go 134A.
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    You Guess 3 Numbers & Get These Parts.

    How about a coyote?