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    Neutral balance stock hub and pulley

    next in line if TJT passes.
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    New Cam Position Sensor $200.00 free shipping

    Cam sensor in hand. Excellent packaging and fast shipping. Thanks again David!
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    Polished Stainless Coolant overflow, Vacuum canister top of AC, New BWD LS coil pack

    Interested in the coil pack. I have the TR6 (Not installed as of yet). I will PM you.
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    Fuel pumps, hanger, 3 gauge pod, 70mm tb, biggie filter adapter

    Ill take the throttle body. PM me for your addy for Paypal.
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    te45a turbo

    PM sent
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    Tons of Stuff TE45,heads,injectors,etcetc

    May be interested in the heads/ rockers if they come available later in the week. let me know.
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    Spal Dual Fans

    Thanks for the info - I'm gonna pass. GLWS
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    performance parts for sale

    PM sent on fuel stuff
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    Spal Dual Fans

    Are these direct plug and play?
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    Fuel rail, accufab regulator and fuel pressure Guage with fittings

    interested in reg and gauge - will send you a PM
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    Garage sale

    Interested in fuel lines... I think Troy is ahead of me, if he passes, PM me.
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    Performance parts

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    Ill take them, PM me your paypal
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    Always looking for a nice GN or T type to add to the collection

    Always looking for a nice GN or T type to add to the collection