1986 t-type

  1. M

    Factory Alarm Option

    I finally got a new set of door locks, since my 86 T-Type didn't come with any keys. This car has the factory alarm option. While changing out door locks isn't a challenge, this is the first time I've ever encountered ones that were wired. There is one switch on the side, and another on the...
  2. TommyValentine

    I'll likely be inheriting my dad's '86 GN. It hasn't run since the 90's. I could use some advice.

    I was directed to these forums some time ago but never got around to making an account. I'll provide as much background information as I can, but my knowledge of this specific car are limited, as is my knowledge of cars in general. I know my way around a motorcycle but cars are a whole 'nother...
  3. T

    1986 T-Type- $15

    Here's my ttype: 1986 Buick Regal T-Type Former SoCal car located in KY Clean title in my name, clean Carfax. I am 3rd owner. Asking $15k 73k miles Exterior: Black with blackout trim (WO2) and chrome bumpers (car was taken to the metal and repainted a few years ago and since then it has...