Factory Alarm Option


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I finally got a new set of door locks, since my 86 T-Type didn't come with any keys.

This car has the factory alarm option. While changing out door locks isn't a challenge, this is the first time I've ever encountered ones that were wired. There is one switch on the side, and another on the rear.

Before I start getting rough with 36 year old plastic connectors, is there a procedure for taking these out?
hopefully you bought the tall end lock cylinders for factory security, the round security switch wont reinstall onto the std lock cylinder

the other switch (plunger type) is part of the retainer clip that holds the lock cylinder to the door so youll be reusing that
oh and FYI the trunk key is supposed to match the door key and the security equiped regal used a special trunk lock that would need to be re-coded to your new key
the glove box also works with the door key and that is same cylinder on all cars but can be re-coded to your new key