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  • The fone # I have for Dusty is: 256-303-5387
    I've not talked to him recently so this may not be a good number

    Hello sir! After reviewing the email list you are 25th from the top so you were definitely within range of the first batch of the window turbo so, they will go out next week I have sent your information to the company that is making them and I don't see any reason you shouldn't receive one in the next several weeks. Thank you
    Yes, the short block is still available!! A lot of dreamers out there..Here are the specs..GN1 crank 3.625, K1 Rods 6.000, Diamond pistons 3.830, Comp Cams 224-224, Comp Cams (R) series lifters, 5/16th pushrods 8.600 BHJ harmonic Balancer, RJC deep oil pan, H&R poly mount, hi torque starter, cam sensor, water pump,.Motor only has 1500 miles on it.
    I have a RPE shortblock Stroker motor with 1500 street miles on it,,It has all the best parts money can buy.. No cutting corners
    I got 4500 in parts alone in the bottom end, not including the 4000 tab from Bobby at RPE for machine work and assembly. The motor wil be out of the car tonight, prepping for a monster LS turbo motor..My loss is your gain..Shoot me a offer and I can crate it and ship it..
    hi do you still have the 17 billet specialties wheels. i wondering what is the back spacing for the front and rear and the tire sizes you used.
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